Save Money on Auto Repairs

Whether you need collision or mechanical repairs on your vehicle, if your repair quote seems too expensive, we could help you save.

We want to make every experience with Elite Auto Squad a lasting one.

  1. Choose the repair shop you want to go to

  2. Tell us about the repair, including what's needed and the repair estimate

  3. Sit back and let us discuss with the repair shop to get you the best deal possible or our service is free

Validate your repair shop's quote with a free consultation

Can your local repair shop be trusted?

Talk with an Elite Auto Squad Advisor today and find out if you’re using an honest repair shop and if we can help lower your repair quote.

Guaranteed Savings

If we're unable to save you money on your next car purchase, our service is free and your credit card is never charged.

Experienced Negotiators

Benefit from inside sales tactics with former car salesmen ready to negotiate on your behalf.

Free Quote Check

Get repair quotes reviewed first for free by Elite Auto Squad and avoid dishonest collision and mechanic shops.

No Hidden Fees

Our service fee is simple:
20% of the amount we save you on a successful negotiation.

Nationwide Coverage

All negotiations are handled via conference call, allowing for nationwide coverage and immediate availability.

Why partner with Elite Auto Squad?

Your best interests first

If we can't save you money, you don't pay. Each Elite Auto Squad Advisor's commitment is to save you money and get the best possible outcome in your purchase. If we don't save you money, there is no charge for our service.

All repairs & service

Regardless of the repair you need, Elite Auto Squad can help. Our negotiators know first-hand the requirements behind 1000’s of repair jobs, from changing front brakes to repairing a rear bumper.


Many auto repair shops add unnecessary labor hours, increase part costs much higher than market average, and upsell repair work you don't need.

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